Robert Downey Jr. ditches the Ironman suit for a suit and tie.

Warner Bros. have acquired the film rights to David Howard’s white collar crime book titled “Chasing Phil: The World’s Greatest Con Man, Two Undercover FBI Agents, and Their Amazing Around the World Adventure”, which will be produced by Robert Downey‘s production company, Team Downey.

Source: picpicx
Source: picpicx

The movie adaptation follows a true story of two FBI agents, Jim Wedick and Jack Brennan as they attempt to investigate a white collar crime case. The two are required to become undercover agents in order to invade the world of Phil Kitzer, a charismatic white collar swindler, the mastermind behind massive amounts of illicit activities. The story continues with the two agents discovering that Phil ran multi-million dollar schemes through a network of accomplices known as The Fraternity.


As off now, no director is on board to helm the movie just yet but Warner Bros. have already obtained life rights for the FBI agents Jim Wedick and Jack Brennan.

There is no official confirmation on whether RDJ will be starring in the movie but there is a big possibility that Robert, who often plays the “hero” in big studio movies will be taking the role of Phil Kitzer.


Robert and wife Susan Downey along with David Gambino are producing while Rob Hackett and Gambino are overseeing for Team Downey. Courtenay Valenti is overseeing the project with Julia Spiro for Warner Bros.

Meanwhile, Robert is currently filming Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” which is slated for a release on 6th May 2016 and his production company  Team Downey is developing movies which include “Pinocchio“, “Perry Mason” and the shark infested story “USS Indianapolis”.

Source: Variety

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