It seems like another K-Pop comeback is in the pipeline.

SM Entertainment’s f(x) is reportedly going to make a comeback this year as the group’s leader Victoria revealed in an interview that the members are currently preparing for a comeback.

f(x) Red Light music video teaser


On 29th March, several Chinese journalists were invited to the press conference of Victoria’s upcoming Chinese TV series “Beautiful Secret”. Starring Victoria and Peter Ho, the series is the sequel to the 2013 Chinese drama, “Shining Days”.

When asked whether she enjoys being a singer or an actress more, she answered, “Be it singing or acting, I hope that I can develop myself as an all-rounded individual with my work both in China and in Korea.” She further revealed that f(x) is already in the process of planning for a comeback.

However, details about the group’s comeback are scarce and SM Entertainment did not respond to the report yet.

f(x) Victoria - Beautiful Secret
Image source: Kpopstarz

As of now, it is unclear whether f(x) member Sulli will return to the music scene via the group’s comeback because it has been 8 months since she went on an indefinite hiatus from the group’s activities. After making her solo debut, the group’s rapper Amber is expected to make a group comeback alongside Victoria, Krystal (who recently re-joined Instagram) and Luna.

Do you think Sulli will join the group’s comeback? What do you think their comeback concept would look like? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

(Source: Koreaboo)

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