“A moment on your lips, forever on your hips!”

What better way to keep track of your calories than to have an Instagram account guide you through it? Especially if you’re already working out to keep those calories off! Because one Canadian-based Instagram account will make you think twice, maybe thrice, before you misbehave and wolf down an entire beef burger for lunch. Because according to their post, you’d need to run oh, only about 3.93km to burn off that beef burger.

And that’s just the beef burger alone, by the way. Let’s not even talk about the addition of a large fries and a Coke.


The account, named “Social Calories”, was started by a creative team in an advertising agency in Toronto. As stated on their Tumblr, they promised to be, “Your colouful guide to running off the foods you love.”

But they also warn to use it only for inspiration to stay fit as we all burn calories as a different rate.

To date, they’ve posted up just about all kinds of food types such as macarons, pretzels, mini spring rolls, nuggets, an apple, a piece of toast, cherry tomatoes, and even a Portugese egg tart. We didn’t even know that it was possible for them to find it in Toronto!

If you tart you must finish. #keeprunning #portuguesecustardtart A photo posted by @social_calories on

Btw, as seen in the picture above, it takes about the distance of 1.53km to “run off” the calories in a Portugese egg tart. Don’t say we didn’t share!


According to Vulcan Post, “Social Calories” team consists of 3 people: Nimo the writer, Gus the designer/photographer, and Pepe the art director. They’re professionals who have backgrounds in the creative industries who have decided to take this on in their spart time without collaborating with any companies.

In fact, all 3 of them shoot, write, and animate most of the stuff on “Social Calories”.

Social Calories

Pepe said that “Social Calories” serves as a response campaign to the ever mushrooming number of running posts that we are see all over social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram. “People are pretty well informed about the number of calories in the food they eat, but don’t necessarily know how much they need to run to burn off said calories,” Pepe told Vulcan Post.

As for how accurate the running distance in the food post is, Pepe explained that the distance required to run is relative, based on burning off roughly 450 calories in a 5 km run. For instance, some people may burn off 300 calories while others able to burn 600 calories.

It all depends on gender, age, weight, and running pace.

I’ve been runnin’, I’ve been runnin’. #watermelon #beyonce #drunkinlovewithrunning

A photo posted by @social_calories on

Welp, we love it. How else would we have known that even consuming a slice of watermelon would take us about 0.37km to burn off?

Follow the Instagram account here and may you find the inspiration you need to work out harder/better 😉

Source: Vulcan Post.

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