If you were wondering why people around you are super excited about 2015, well, one of the reasons could be because this year is the year Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel forward in time to the present in 1989’s “Back to the Future II”.

The younger generation might not know about the existence of the film franchise, but they should probably start watching this film now as Marty McFly’s super cool Nike kicks, the most sought-after futuristic item from the movie is finally going to be released in real-life soon!

Nike Mag


According to TIME, Nike has confirmed that the “power laces” technology that comes with the self-lacing ability will finally be featured in the brand’s upcoming line of sneakers. The announcement about the official Nike power laces shoes was made during a conference earlier last week, where Tinker Hatfield, the creator of the DC Comics revealed that the Nike team is already planning to release these shoes in 2015.

The exact date for the release of the shoes had not been announced yet but it matched the timeline of the film as the 2nd installment of the film series set its story in the then-futuristic year of 2015.

The demand for the shoes has been on a constant rise since the release of the film, which prompted Tinker Hatfield to build the Nike MAG from scratch again with footwear innovator Tiffany Bears. It took them almost 6 years to build the shoes and they had to restart the project about 3 times to complete the project.

Finally, in 2011, the first replica of the 1989 Nike MAG was born. This pair of shoes is the first rechargeable pair of Nike footwear that features “an electroluminescent out-sole, space age materials, and a rechargeable internal battery good for 3,000 hours”.

A limited quantity of 1,500 pairs were auctioned on eBay while 10 additional pairs that are packaged in deluxe presentation box were sold exclusively by Nike at live auctions around the world. Consider this as an act of kindness given by the fans because the total proceeds will be dedicated to “The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s disease research”.

As of now, no further details for the shoes have been announced yet but hoverboard, another fictional gadget that can be found in the film has been brought to life by Hendo recently.


UPDATE (21st October, 11:13pm):

The future is now!

Nike’s PR Director Heide Burgett has just tweeted that the first pair of self-lacing Nike Mag shoes is now in New York City:

We are still waiting for more details to be released, so stay tuned for updates.

Meanwhile, what do you think of the Nike shoes with power laces? Will you buy it? Let us know in the comments box below 🙂

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