It has been more than a month since the news of K-Pop idol girl group Ladies’ Code tragic car accident first shook the South Korean entertainment world. The accident, which first claimed member EunB’s life before fellow group mate RiSe followed suit a few days after, has put the limelight on the schedules of K-Pop idols as the world knows it.

Many have claimed that the accident could’ve easily been avoided if they had less promotional activities to do and if idols had to do little chasing of time.

Ladies Code RiSe and EunB


In EunB’s and RiSe’s case, Ladies’ Code were on the way back to their dorms after wrapping up a performance for an “Open Concert”. The group, consisting of leader Ashley and members RiSe, Sojung, Zuny, and EunB were in a vehicle traveling near Youngdong Highway towards Incheon in Seoul when the crash happened. Initial investigations suggested that the said vehicle, a van, may have slipped and ran into a protective wall due to the rainy roads.

There were also rumours that the back wheel of the Hyundai Starex van “fell off”, leading to the crash. The van was carrying a total of 8 people (including the driver) at that time.

Ladies Code Accident

As Ladies’ Code’s fans and K-Pop fans alike were preoccupied with both EunB’s and RiSe‘s funerals, and with thorough investigations on the crash underway, there was hardly a word on what really happened for weeks after. However, new findings about the crash has now come to light.

In a most recent investigation report on the crash, it was revealed that the cause of the accident is said to be from speeding. The National Institute of Scientific Investigation (NISI) were commissioned by Yongin Seobu Police Station to analyse the car accident. Through a detailed analysis, a CCTV footage of the accident showed that the driver was speeding. The speed limit on the road they were driving on is 100 km/h, but the driver was at 130 km/h. When the accident occurred, the back wheel came off due to the impact of it hitting against the wall. During the night of the accident the weather was rainy, so due to speeding on the wet road the driver lost control of the car.

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With the new information, speculations are rising that the driver will be held responsible. If he is convicted, he will face criminal charges.

Meanwhile, Polaris Entertainment has revealed that Ladies’ Code’s Sojung, Ashley, and Zuny have now been discharged from the hospital. The 3 surviving members were receiving treatment for their injuries, and Sojung spent time recovering from a jaw surgery. The agency stated:


After being discharged a week ago, the three are spending time with their families. They’re receiving care from their families in their hometowns, including Ashley, who’s from the United States. In Sojung’s case, she’s not completely recovered, so she’s getting regular treatment at a hospital. After Sojung is fully healed, we will release a detailed account of Ladies’ Code’s future activities.

We wish the girls a speedy recovery and hope that they’ll remain strong through this terrible time. We simply cannot imagine what emotional, mental, and physical trauma they must’ve endured.

We’ll leave you now with the Ladies’ Code tribute to late member EunB and RiSe, “I’m Fine, Thank You”:

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