Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg impressed during a 30-minute Q&A session at Tsinghua University on Wednesday (22nd Oct) when he addressed the crowd and fielded questions in Mandarin.

According to a post on his Facebook page, topics discussed during the session included “connecting the world, Internet.org, innovation and the early days of Facebook”.

Mark Zuckerberg Tsinghua University


During the Q&A session, Zuckerberg said one of the reasons he wanted to learn the language was to communicate with members of his wife Priscilla’s family, some of whom only spoke Mandarin.



This public display of his Chinese-speaking abilities was about four years in the making. “In 2010, my personal challenge was to learn Mandarin,” he wrote in a earlier Facebook post, adding that he had “always been interested in Chinese culture, and learning a language is a great way to learn about a culture”.

Okay, sure. There’s practically nothing that Mark can’t do, we guess?


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