Sure, he can rock the stage as the frontman of Maroon 5. He sure as heck can belt out to tunes live like he was made for it.

But can he perform songs on random from other artistes?

On Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show”, Adam Levine shows hat he can rock a Top 40 ballad like no other. In a round of “Wheel of Impressions” with Jimmy Fallon, the Maroon 5 lead impersonated legends like Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra on the fly. You haven’t seen a better “musical chameleon” until you’ve watch him do it in this 5-minute video:


Nevermind that he didn’t know the words to “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”. The fact remains that he pulled off the Frank Sinatra so well! And that Michael Jackson impression while singing “Sesame Street”? Cray cray!

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