Remember that blue bear that made its debut through YG artiste Lee Hi’s “It’s Over” music video?

The bear is back and this time around, YG Entertainment has transformed it into our favourite K-Pop idol boy band, BIGBANG!

Krunk x Big Bang Art Toy 2014 original


The blue bear aka KRUNK first garnered fans’ attention in March last year when YG Entertainment was promoting then rookie singer Lee Hi’s comeback. The agency posted a photo of the bear floating at the top of their building via their official site and stated that Lee Hi has decided to name it “GOM GOM E”. Since then, KRUNK became the fans’ favourite and the agency also started selling KRUNK-related merchandise on their online store.

Following the vinyl toys trend, YG Entertainment announced that KRUNK X BIGBANG ART TOY collection will be made available soon at their official online store. Similar to Medicom Toy’s Bearbrick, the art toys are packaged in “blind box” assortments, in which figures are packed randomly. Thus, the only way to find out what the figure inside the box could be is to purchase it and open the box.

The probability of getting the figure you want is as below:

Krunk x Big Bang Art Toy probability

Very tricky, isn’t it?

Also, you can always trade the toy with other buyers to get the figure you want. Alternatively, fans can purchase 9 blind boxes to receive a “BIG BLIND BOX” that contains all 9 different KRUNK X BIGBANG ART TOY figures. The art toy collection is based on BIGBANG’s iconic styles, including the style from their music video of their 2nd single, “La La La”.

The toy is now available for pre-order at their official store and it will be released on 11th September with a retail price of 30,000 KRW. Purchases can be made through the link below:

It may be a tad expensive for some of you but aren’t they cute? We don’t mind collecting them either!


For more information about KRUNK, check out his official website and Facebook page!

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