From as early as noon, Malaysian Blackjacks flocked to Stadium Negara in Kuala Lumpur for the long awaited concert of their favourite K-Pop idol girl group, 2NE1. For many, it was a dream come true as they’ve been waiting for five years since 2NE1’s debut, two years since 2NE1’s previously cancelled concert, and one whole year since 2NE1 last set foot on Malaysian soil.

Can you say, “Finally!”?

2NE1 AON Malaysia007
Source: IME Productions

The 2NE1 girls (CL, Dara, Bom, Minzy) have always been known to give high energy performances accompanied with their catchy, uptempo songs. In fact, the only “breathing space” given to their fans throughout the “2NE1 2014 World Tour All or Nothing in Malaysia” aka #AONMalaysia concert was when the girls sang their heart wrenching ballads such as “Ugly”, “Lonely”, and their recent chart-topping single, “Missing You”.


May we also add that we were super impressed with the concert production. Especially during the “Missing You” stage.

2NE1 AON Malaysia010
Source: IME Productions

The girls’ “juniors”, an up-and-coming K-Pop idol boy group under YG Entertainment named WINNER also made a special guest appearance during the “intermission”. WINNER sang two songs and interacted with their Malaysian fans while 2NE1 ran backstage to prepare for their “I Love You” performance. WINNER’s short but memorable appearance officially marked their Malaysian debut. Aside from that, CL also performed a mash up of her solo singles, “The Baddest Female” and  “MBTD”, exuding her swagger all over the stage.

With more than 20 songs in their discography as well as on the concert’s song list, there was never a dull moment. Malaysian Blackjacks were kept entertained throughout the entire two hours before shuffling out of the stadium in awe. For some attendees, like us, we felt like it was over too soon and that it wasn’t enough! Hence, we resorted to listening to their new album, “Crush”, all the way home.

2NE1 AON Malaysia028
Source: IME Productions
2NE1 AON Malaysia030
Source: IME Productions

Our honest opinion? Like CL said (during the concert), we don’t know why they took so long to get here!

For more pictures from 2NE1’s #AONMalaysia concert, check out the gallery below:

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Special thanks to our friends from IME Productions for making this happen.

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