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Kyoto Protocol 4

More and more people are pursuing their dreams and shaking up their respective industries these days and The Movement, a documentary series brought to you by Lowyat.TV and Lowyat.NET, sets out to document this movement to share the stories of these inspiring individuals.


We tend to take what we see on the surface for granted and to give us a better insight to things, The Movement takes us behind the scenes to find out what makes these brands, groups or individuals stand out.

This episode of The Movement features none other than everyone’s favourite local band, Kyoto Protocol. Just like a lot of other bands, Kyoto Protocol was formed by a group of friends who enjoyed playing music together, but what caught the attention of Kuala Lumpur’s audiences was the energy and humour of both their songs and on-stage personalities.

Also part of a new wave of musicians that are bidding their goodbyes to the recording industry, Kyoto Protocol are doing things their way by self publishing and independently managing their band. Five years in the industry with two albums released and one more on the way, their stardom is on the rise, gaining them increased regional attention as well as new opportunities that include opening for international acts like MGMT and The Killers.

With their latest album about to be released, we are stocked to see what else these guys will get up to this year!

For more on Kyoto Protocol, check out their social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube.

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