MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014 is back and better than ever! Want to know this year’s first wave of performers? YOU have the power to reveal crucial information for MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014. Join the awesome peeps of MTV Asia for their first ever Unlock #worldstagemy campaign. All you have to do is hashtag #worldstagemy in your tweets and well, the more you tweet, the higher the “percentage” goes up in the bar, and the quicker we all get the deets!

It went live this morning at 10am and already, it has gone completely through the roof!


So far, all we know is that it’ll be held on 16th August 2014 (Saturday) at 7:30pm, at Sunway Lagoon!


Want to unlock more information? Here’s how:

  • Tweet piece of content with #worldstagemy to “unlock” announcement details around MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014. Among the information that will be revealed include the event date, logo, and the first wave of artists.
  • Examples of topics you could tweet using the hashtag #worldstagemy are: When is the MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014 happening? What is this year’s logo? Who are the first wave of artistes performing this year?
  • As part of the MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014 unlocking mechanism, MTV Asia will be internationally amplifying the MTV hashtag vote to release information – #worldstagemy.
  • When fans hit the required percentage of tweets, each visual on the webpage will reveal important details about the concert.

Fans will also be able to track the tweet progress on MTV World Stage Malaysia 2014’ teaser web landing page here. Hurry and get all the deets!

The first act has already been announced and it’s none other than our Malaysian darling singer-songwriter, Yuna.


Aww yeah now we’re talking! Who do you think will be announced next? A K-Pop idol group? An international singer-songwriter-producer?

How about Boys Republic?


And that marks the end of the first wave announcements. Who else do you think will be making their way to Malaysia for MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2014? Or rather, who do you really, really want to see take the stage on 16th August at Sunway Lagoon?

Go on, let the guessing games begin in the comments! Meanwhile, hit this link to win passes. Don’t say we didn’t share!

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