What’s better than a drink that has proven to maintain alertness, endurance, and performance of a person? A drink that stimulates both mind and body, has entrenched itself and is widely accepted worldwide?

A drink that’s all of the above yet rewarding, that’s what! Yup, from now until 30th June, Red Bull Malaysia is allowing you to instantly win your share of 1.5 million bottles of Red Bull. And that’s not all – there are also prizes worth RM100,000 up waiting for their new respective owners!

Sounds awesome? Well, they don’t call it “Malaysia’s No.1 Energy Drink” for nothing.

Source: www.redbull.com.my/
Source: www.redbull.com.my

How to win ’em? If you’re already an avid Red Bull fan (read: buy lots of Red Bull), then you’re in luck! All you have to do in submit your proof of purchase (pull ring or bottle cap) to be in the running!

Deets are as follows:

Source: www.redbull.com.my
Source: www.redbull.com.my

Entry forms can be downloaded from these links:

T & C apply. For more information, visit their website or Facebook page.

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