Jack Johnson, the perfect cuddle buddy.


American folk singer-songwriter Jack Johnson is the man you listen to when you’re having a chilled out day; when the rain pours outside and you’re nestled in your quilt; when you’re enjoying the silence with the company of a loved one; or when you’re enjoying time alone. That’s who Jack Johnson is and that’s what his music is all about – just you and the world. His latest album From Here, To Now, To You is intimate and beautiful but it is also a tad predictable.


The album opens with the lead single I Got You, a simple and delightful sonnet that one gets from being in love. The simplicity and innocence of the song from its lyrics to its melody works so beautifully that it makes it the perfect declaration of love, the perfect love song.

Jack continues with his simplicity with Never Fade, a Hype.My favourite on the album. Opening with the lyrics “It feels good to be the one, that you want”, the song is different from I Got You as it takes listeners to the beginning of a relationship, the first few meets, the moment you realise you want to be with this person. Jack’s ever soothing voice and guitar playing will sweep anyone of his or her feet with this track.


However, as good as the album is, it is also very much Jack Johnson and by that I mean unsurprising. Jack stays in his comfort zone and sticks to what he is good at with this album. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with sticking to what he is good at, it’s perfectly fine to do so but it can get a little boring after a while. There are however some fantastic tracks on the album that I really love and no one can deny Jack’s status of a brilliant lyricist. Songs of the album that stood out to me include I Got You, Never Fade, Don’t Believe A Thing I Say and Home.

From Here, To Now, To You, is a solid Jack Johnson album and is a perfect album for those in love. If you’re a fan, don’t expect anything exceptionally new but just enjoy him and his music as it is.


1. I Got You – 2:59

2. Washing Dishes – 3:24.


3. Shot Reverse Shot – 3:10

4. Never Fade – 4:02

5. Tape Deck – 3:22

6. Don’t Believe A Thing I say – 3:14

7. As I Was Saying – 3:47

8. You Remind Me Of You – 2.29

9. Radiate – 4:16

10. Ones And Zeros – 4:29

11. Change (Featuring Ben Harper) – 3:14

12. Home – 3:04

Here’s Never Fade by Jack Johnson. Enjoy!

We give this album a 5/10.

P.S. Catch Jack Johnson at Byron Bay Bluesfest in April 2014!

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