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Models turned musicians, songwriters Nervo is made up of two beautiful Australian twin sisters, Mim and Liv Nervo. The duo first appeared in the music industry as hit songwriters for Ke$ha, Kylie Minogue, David Guetta, Pussycat Dolls and more. The duo also remixed songs from Katy Perry, 30 Seconds to Mars and Cobra Starship that are topping club charts worldwide.


Currently one of the most sought after DJ duos, the Australian-born twins are globetrotting with their irresistible mix of chunky, sexed-up electre-house beats. Now heading to Malaysia this December for Thirst 2013, Nervo will is part of the lineup that includes David Guetta, Afrojack, W&W, Example and many more!

Hype.My speaks to Mim of Nervo in conjunction with Thirst 2013.

05 Nervo

Prior to becoming DJs, you girls were models yes?

It’s a little bit of an urban myth. Haha. We were with a modelling agency but I can’t say that we graced the covers of anything fabulous. Music was always the focus and now we use modelling for our music.

What attracted you to the EDM scene?

Australia has a very healthy electronic scene and we moved to London when we were nineteen and within the first year of living in London, we discovered Ibiza which is the island for club music and that really took us by storm, we got addicted. We were writing pop music in the studio every single day during weekdays and clubbing on the weekends so we decided to mix the two together and we started working more with EDM artists, DJs and then we got a record deal and here we are now.

How has the journey been since then?


Fantastic! I mean it hasn’t all been peachy, there were some dark years where we were waitressing and barely getting by with just music. But we persevered, we work hard and we’re getting there. We’re still not there yet but we are getting there. Hahaha.

What to you is the best part of the job?

Too many great parts. We love to travel, meeting all the different cultures, hearing music from all the different parts of the world, tasting different food and we love just doing what we love. For many years, we didn’t survive financially on music alone and it’s nice to be surviving financially solely of music, it’s a dream come true.

What is it like playing at huge festivals?
Festivals are always  a little bit nerve wrecking because we’ve got an hour to wow the crowd. We need to showcase old records, the records we love at the moment that aren’t ours and new records. It’s a little different from club nights but we love it.

Out of all the celebrities you’ve met, who is your favourite and have you met all the celebrities that you’ve wanted to meet?

Oh no, we definitely want to meet more people. We really loved working with David Guetta and Ke$ha obviously. Because Ke$ha has been in the scene for many years and the same with David and we have I think his first number with him, so it’s a big journey we’ve had together. And of course, Kylie Minogue! She’s Australian from the city that we are from and we all live in London so it was a great moment connecting over that.

Speaking about David Guetta, how did that connection happen?

We were working with Kelly Rowland in the studio on When Love Takes Over and we delivered it to her record label but they didn’t like the record, they passed on it. And three months later David called us and he said he loved the record and that he wanted to release it and we did. Then we work more and more with David on his album and it’s been a great journey ever since.

08 Nervo

Out of all the events you’ve played for, which one do you find the best?

That is an impossible question. Hahaha. I would say we definitely loved playing at Tomorrowland and Tomorrowworld because that was pretty epic for us. We played at Burning Man this year which was pretty special. Ibiza is given, always. We love playing at festivals.

How do you guys feel now that your music is playing worldwide?

We are pinching ourselves. Haha. We feel very thankful to be doing what we love and to be touching people. The best feeling ever is to get feedback from your music and to know that your music is touching people around the world. And if we can give anyone any moment of happiness with our music, that makes us very happy.

What can we expect from you at Thirst 2013?

We’re testing a lot of new records at the moment because we are working on our album so you will definitely hear a few unreleased tracks, new mixes and there will be a lot of special little treats in there. Haha!

Any expectations from the Thirst 2013 crowd this December?

Hmm. When we play in Asia, we tend to play less of an electro set and more of a progressive set so I am excited to see the crowd and see what they respond more to. It’s always challenging to play for a new crowd but it’s also always exciting. So I really can’t wait to see what goes down over there in Malaysia.

06 Nervo

Catch Nervo live at Thirst 2013. Information to the event are as follows:

Date: December 14th, 2013 (Saturday)

Venue: Sepang International Circuit

The ticketing details as follows:

Early Bird: RM118 (Available from October 11th – 13th, 2013 at Rock Corner, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara Only)

Pre-Sale: RM148 (Available October 14th, 2013 onwards)

VIP: RM248 (Available October 14th, 2013 onwards)

Door Sale: Rm188 (Door opens at 4pm)

For those interested, tickets are available at all Rock Corner outlets and on Boxtix Asia. For more information please visit the official website or Facebook page.


Here’s Hold On by Nervo. Enjoy!

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