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Brought to you by Diva Universal, the much anticipated reality TV competition series, Supermodelme Femme Fatale returns for its forth season! A series featuring twelve aspiring models of Asian heritage, Supermodelme Femme Fatale takes audiences on a journey with these models as they try to take on an international career in the dog eat dog world of fashion.


Exciting and tough, the competition series puts 12 models across Asia through various physical and mentally gruelling challenges as they have to demonstrate courage, strength and desire while looking their very best to win the cash prize of SG$35,000.

Hosted by resident judge and supermodel Lisa S., Supermodelme Femme Fatale will also see E! News Asia’s Presenter Dominic Lau and model Ase Wang on the judging panel to judge, guide, mentor and prepare the models for international superstardom.

Supermodelme Femme Fatale Season 4 Contestants.

Hype.My chats with the three judges to get the inside scoop of Supermodelme Femme Fatale.

What do you look for in a supermodel?

Dominic: That’s a great question but first of all I think we should tell you about our roles as judges when it comes to us looking for these models.

Lisa: Yes, well as judges we all have different roles. Like I am the mother hen. I’m their mother, their father, their friend, their mentor, their everything. I am the one that’s firm but I am only there for support. I am not there to play favourites and I am there to help them take their best photo. Ase Wang is the tell it like it is and no holds barred judge. There is no niceties about it. Dom is the heterosexual male view of the fashion industry and our celebrity judges that come in and out of the show are the fresh eyes because we’ve been with these girls all along the way. So what we look for in a supermodel, for the purpose of the show, is a woman who is an all rounder. She takes great pictures, she’s a good emcee, she’s a good catalog model, a good runway model and she could possibly be an actress sooner or later. We are looking for someone who can be part of every aspect in the entertainment industry.

Dominic: It’s not just skin deep when we’re looking for that beauty aspect. It’s charisma as well and someone who people can really look up to. The winner of Supermodelme Femme Fatale has to be able to strike believe in other people.


Ase: It’s the same for me. I think it’s all about being able to brand yourself and build a business behind it so I think the sooner these girls realised that, the closer they are to reaching their dream.

In the past 3 season collectively, what would you say is the one challenge that the models have the most difficult time dealing with?

Lisa: That’s a very good question. You know what, I’ve been doing these interviews for a very long time now and that’s the first time someone has asked me that. Good job! Some girls I’d say, had a lot of problems in the house. It wasn’t just with the photoshoots or sport activities. Their problem was actually just playing nice with the rest of the kitties. But I’d say each one has their own issues which makes for such an interesting show.

Dominic: I think it’s hard for us to say because we are not the ones facing it. What was great for me on from a personal standpoint is to be able to give them feedback and to see these girls mature. These girls who struggled with that particular task from the beginning of the season end up being the strongest candidate for that particular shoot and/or task.

Ase: I think every girl has a different take — some with lingerie shoots, some with workout bits so I think every girl has a different take on things which is great because some of these girls don’t even know they face this problem until it’s thrown in their face.

From your experience, would you say that Asia in general would be open to diversity as compared to the westerners?

Lisa: No, with the way that the fashion industry is today, every runway show has models of every colour and of every kind. For me it doesn’t matter what race you are and I think that the international world stage is now open and ready for diversity. Every single fashion show you now see has every type of girl in it. What’s happening with Asia now is that they are just having this awakening of becoming part of the international fashion scene because they’ve opened the doors to so many different types of models.

How can Supermodelme Femme Fatale compete with other modelling reality TV Shows like Asia’s Next Top Model?

Dominic: What ? I’ve never heard of that show before. Haha. SupermodelMe was not born out of an already existing format. It is original and I think that’s something that reality TV needs.

Lisa: Easy. First of all we have a different format. We are different from any other fashion programmes. Most of them are solely based on catwalks and photoshoots but we bring a heavy health aspect to it because it’s very, very important for a model to be healthy. Also this year, we’ve shot the show with different cameras, different angles making it more cinematic so it’s not a show you can predict – it’s changed up with a whole new look from the lighting, to the format — everything about it basically.

Ase Wang: I think we can compete because we’re different. We’re different in the sense that we judges are not puppets, we have a say as to what’s going on. We are not told what to do and we do things they way we want, it’s a group effort on every level.

The judges of Supermodelme Femme Fatale

Supermodelme Femme Fatale opens on TV this November 18th, 2013 (Monday) only on Diva Universal, Astro Channel 702.

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