Maybe she’s trying to throw everyone off, or maybe she just really doesn’t know yet. It seems that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton is keeping her fingers crossed for the sex of her baby. According to the Associated Press, she’s hoping for a boy.

Kate Middleton is about five months pregnant now and she recently appeared with her husband, Prince William at a St. Patrick’s Day ceremony at Mons Barracks in Aldershot, southern England. While presenting the 1st Battalion Irish Guards with traditional sprigs of shamrocks for their caps, she shared her thoughts on her baby with one of the officers.



The officer, guardsman Lee Wheeler apparently struck up a conversation with the Duchess, asking her whether her baby (who is third in line to the British throne) is a girl or a boy. To which Kate replied that she’d like to have a boy. She also mentioned that Prince William, however, is hoping for a girl. And as for whether or not they have decided on names for the baby, the answer is no, not yet.

Well, it’s kinda hard to decide on names when they “don’t know” the sex of the baby yet, no? Or maybe they know and they’re really trying hard not to give any leads, unlike that one other time.


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