We just want to say, “Oh good! Finally!”.

Because Hennes & Mauritz AB or more popularly known as H&M to most of us, is finally arriving in Malaysia! Not just arriving per se, they’ve nailed down the exact date. Yay!

The international fashion retailer, known for its stylish and affordable fashion is all set to make waves and create new trends when it opens its first Malaysian store at Lot 10 in Bukit Bintang.


“We are excited to finally open H&M here in Malaysia and to be expanding within the South East Asian market. H&M has always been about making fashion and quality at the best price and we look forward to bringing something new and exciting to Kuala Lumpur”, said Mr. Lex Keijser (Country Manager for H&M Greater China, Singapore and Malaysia).

Its debut in Malaysia will kick off with its “Autumn/Winter 2012” collections. We foresee a stampede marching right up to Lot 10 and crazy queues to follow after.

When, you ask? The store will open its doors on 22nd September 2012 (Saturday).

Here comes the next surprise: Following the Lot 10 store opening, H&M will continue its expansion in Malaysia with a second H&M store in “Setia City Mall”, the new retail destination in Shah Alam during Autumn 2012 (between October to November).

For more information, visit their official website.

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