Four installments later and honestly, it took a lot to stop people from rolling their eyes at the thought of yet another “dance movie”. But before you go, “Not again!” and start cringing, here are some things to consider:

You can pretty much guess what the storyline was going to be like – boy’s got moves, girl’s got twirls, boy meets girl, they fall in love, they dance, and suddenly, they’re not meant to be together. The same applies to the lead characters, Sean (played by Ryan Guzman) and Emily (played by Kathryn McCormick).


Also, it makes you think that people over there (on the other side of the world) take their bars and flash mobs very seriously.

By dancing, of course.

The dancers aka “The Mob” aka the flash mob in the flick proves that you can break into a dance or two at almost anywhere in Miami. And who should be the group’s leader but hot waiter Sean himself? We’re not sure how hard Mia Michaels (“So You Think You Can Dance” judge and choreographer) trained them but we have to say, the moves were out of this world. Almost unreal!

It was a fine introduction to “Dancing to Dubstep for Dummies”, if you asked us. We can’t complain.

We’ll be perfectly honest – the story line is nothing to shout about. But we’re not going to throw it any more spoilers. Catch “Step Up Revolution” ASAP because it’s released in cinemas nationwide today!


And we dare you to say that it didn’t leave you dancing out of the cinema.

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