Nur Sajat finally broke her silence to address her most recent controversy!

Amidst the ongoing speculations about the queer figure’s current condition, a few internet trolls out there claimed that she “had been found guilty under Section 10 (b) for insulting the religion of Islam by dressing like a woman.”

Source: Gempak

In shedding light on the matter, the entrepreneur made an appearance on an Instagram Live session using the account @nursajatgold02, where she came forth to shut down all the false claims about her being detained. Instead, Sajat dished that she was being sabotaged!


Seemingly baffled by all the speculations, Sajat said, “Since when was I arrested? It’s not nice to talk like that. Long story short, someone attempted to backstab me. But it’s okay, I’m here in good condition. If I was arrested, I would have been in the prison already. That’s nonsense!”

In the 15-minute long clip, Sajat also took the time to explain why she and her beau, Jad Issa’s Instagram accounts are nowhere to be found. In this case, the sizzling queer clarified that both of them are taking some time off social media in order to focus on their business venture.

Do you buy her explanation?

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