With the former US president getting permanently removed from Twitter, netizens have decided that it’s time to remove him from his appearance in “Home Alone 2” as well.

Donald Trump sparked massive backlash after being responsible for the riot and insurrection in the US Capitol in Washington initiated by his Republican supporters.

"Home Alone 2"
Source: Daily Mail

If anything, someone such as him even having a small second clip in the Christmas children film just seems wrong and out of place. So people thought it would be a good and funny idea to digitally remove him and replace him with other celebrities or even characters in the film screenshots.


Even with technology making it easier to remove him digitally and replace him entirely, the scene in question does not have any relevance to the movie whatsoever. With that being noted, it would not damage the film’s structural integrity at all even if Trump was gone from it.

Source: Texas News Today

Because of Trump’s presence in the movie, someone on Twitter jokingly stated, “Donald Trump is the first cast member of Home Alone 2 to attempt a political coup“.

Of course, the main highlight of them all was the bombardment of Twitter pictures of Trump being edited out and replaced with other celebrities and characters. Such examples are included below:

Dolly Parton:

Adult and present-day Macaulay Culkin:

Everyone’s beloved Keanu Reeves:

Star Wars villain Jabba The Hut:

Or even better, just don’t even have anyone in the scene except Culkin himself:

These “Home Alone 2” memes are not going to go away anytime soon, and we’re totally a-okay with it. Keep the memes coming!

Sources: Daily Mail UK and Buzzfeed.

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