Going green has been the goal for many, with varying success. Green Monday, an advocacy platform for a plant-based lifestyle is taking it a step further.

Green Monday hopes to encourage Malaysians to adopt a plant-based diet for at least a day in a week. Sounds difficult? Fret not, to help, Green Monday has launched a new line of products called OmniMeat.

Green Monday


OmniMeat products are a blend of plant-based proteins which are sustainable and healthier alternatives to traditional meat without skimping on taste and texture. They are available in Ben’s Independent Grocer, Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, Oliver’s Gourmet and selected AEON supermarkets.

If you are looking to taste-test the OmniMeat creations first, several eateries are at your service. Botanica+Co and Nourish by Kenny Hills Bakers have added plant-based dishes made of these products to their menu permanently.

Chef Chuan Lim, the Area Executive Chef of Botanica+Co was impressed with OmniMeat, saying, “It’s like I’m working with real luncheon meat, I don’t need substitution or to hide any taste of the product.

Green Monday

David Yeung, Chief Executive Officer at Green Monday Group hopes that plant-based products will appeal to everyone. “Our OmniMeat is Halal-certified, so this is an innovative food product suitable for everyone,” he was quoted as saying.

If you don’t believe that plant-based meat products can be delicious, try it for yourself and see. After all, tasting is believing!

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