If you are a homegrown, creative entrepreneur who is looking to grow a unique business, Pop is here to help! Pop is a retail platform that aims to help entrepreneurs grow their business and showcase their products.

This week, Pop launched a brand new shopping concept for its physical store and diversified its services. Here’s what’s new:


The retail store has undergone a change. It is now similar to a shopping arcade, where individual shops representing each vendor form a complex with interconnected walkways in between.

As it is a one-stop haven for visitors from all walks of life, this concept allows shoppers to browse multiple brands and sectors. Pop The Arcade is home to vendors such as Bear Malaysia, Touch Beauty, The Red Cherry and many more in the areas of fashion, food, home appliances and lifestyle goods.

Specific zones were created within the retail arcade to cater to the consumers’ ease. These zones are spacious and easy to navigate. As such, visitors can shop safely and comfortably.


Charles Wong, Executive Director of Pop The Arcade stated that the shopping arcade concept makes Pop stay relevant. With the pandemic effects in mind, Pop needed to find ways to attract and engage consumers through their decision journey.

We strongly hope that our new concept store can provide a good customer journey and delightful shopping experience for all visitors no matter what goods you’re looking for,” he was quoted as saying.

Pop’s diversified services mean that vendors can sell online and offline. This allows shoppers to shop from the comfort of their homes or see and feel products in person. To celebrate its opening, Pop is offering RM5 off with minimum spending of RM30 here.

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