Earlier this week, the internet went nuts after a video of a lady throwing two bags of trash over a bridge in Tanah Merah, Kelantan went viral on social media.

It was later clarified that the woman had actually tossed a “saka” (supernatural creature owned by a person). Despite their explanation, the family still received massive backlash for their intolerable act.

A few days after the incident made headlines, the son-in-law of the woman came forward to shed some light on the matter as well as to personally apologise to all Malaysians over the wrongful act committed by his family members. In an interview with Sinar Harian, the man revealed that he and his family have been suffering from a mysterious illness since March last year.

The anonymous individual explained, “So on the day of the incident, we just returned from receiving treatment from a traditional medicine practitioner in Kuala Krai. The healer informed us to discard the thing into a flowing river.” He also clarified that the two bags discarded by his wife contained kaffir lime, lime and two small bottles, believed to be the “saka”.

“My family and I were badly criticised after the incident came to light, to the point that we felt depressed. We admit that we were at fault and we really apologise to all Tanah Merah folks, the people of Kelantan as well to all Malaysians,” he told the local publication.


Apart from the criticism towards the woman, we scrolled through social media to find a compilation of funny memes edited by netizens on Twitter poking fun at the incident. Check it out here:

Source: Twitter

Source: Sinar Harian.

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