The first season of “Sweet Home” (스위트홈) ended on a banging cliff hanger, hinting that a second season is underway.

During an interview with XSports Star, one of the main actors, Lee Do Hyun (이도현) shared his thoughts on reprising his role in the drama.

Source: Netflix

For those who don’t know, the rising actor took on the role as Lee Eun Hyuk, the head of the surviving group of tenants at the Green Home residence. Many fans were divided on how they felt about the character for using Cha Hyun Soo (played by Song Kang) as a means of survival. Viewers were left puzzled after the series’ finale hinted at the character’s death.


So, what are Do Hyun’s thoughts on Eun Hyuk in the next season? “I’ve received many questions about the ending of the first season,” the 25-year-old shared. “I also thought a lot about what is going to happen to Eun Hyuk. In this case, we don’t know whether his bleeding at the end is a nose bleed or not. Also, he could’ve died when the building fell on him.”

He added, “If I were to appear on Season 2, I wonder if Eun Hyuk will remove his glasses after his eyesight gets better from turning into a monster. I think it would be good to also appear as a monster that saves people alongside Pyeong Sang Wook. Though, I’m not sure if I’ll appear in season two or not, so I’m afraid I will be disappointed when I don’t. I think the decision depends on the director, but I definitely want to take part in the next season.”


Do you guys want to see Lee Do Hyun in “Sweet Home” season 2?

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