While many celebs tend to ignore fan comments on social media – Aeril Zafrel is not one of them. In fact, some may think that he actually enjoys the internet trolling.

If you’ve been following the actor on his Instagram and Twitter, you might be familiar with the bone-tickling content shared on his social media accounts, especially when it comes to trolling others online. If you’re ready to have a good laugh with us, check out this compilation of Aeril’s amusing posts online:

1. When he responded to the controversial “Ayah Long” tradition

Aeril Zafrel
Ayah Pin refers to the notorious heresy practice leader in Malaysia.

2. When he called out a netizen who made a meme about him

Aeril Zafrel
Nope, he’s not tired at all

3. When he posted a clip of him photoshopped with UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov’s body and asked, “Where’s Khabib??”

Aeril Zafrel


4. When he received a DM from a netizen who attempted to be his “boy bestfriend”

Aeril Zafrel
The Twitter user was utterly bedazzled by his handsomeness

5. When his Instagram was “hijacked” by his own wife, Wawa Zainal

6. When he responded to Wawa Zainal revealing her actual height by saying, “I don’t know, I’m just a fish” 

Aeril Zafrel
The popular meme is taken from the dialogue spoken by a character from “Spongebob Squarepants”

7. When he attempted to do the viral “Wipe It Down” challenge

Only Aeril can pull it off using Ridsect spray

8. When he found his look alike dancing to “How You Like That”


9. When he expressed his concern for the people behind him during his workout session at the gym

Hopefully the guy at the back won’t fall.

10. When his wife took a photo of his wedding scene with another actress

“Lahanat” means “damn” in English

11. When he poked fun at the firefighter wearing a black jacket

Aeril Zafrel
APOLLO refers to the popular Malaysian snack

12. When no one informed him that the CEO of TikTok had resigned

Aeril Zafrel
This news had more traction than the extension of RMCO.

13. When he asked his followers to just #StayAtHome, accompanied with a meme-worthy photo of his wife

The wife was also seen responding to the post.

14. When he made ridiculous remarks about Fattah Amin and Fazura

Fazura was “touched” by Fattah’s patience in entertaining her throughout her pregnancy

15. When he replied to this photo of Spongebob and Patrick in Baju Melayu outfits

Aeril Zafrel

16. When Emily Cooper from Netflix’s “Emily In Paris” took a wefie  

17. When he was hogging the limelight on his TikTok clip with his wife

Aeril Zafrel
As long as the spotlight is more on him than on his wife.

19. When he commented on his wife’s sleeping habits

She looks undeniably stunning even while she’s fast asleep

20. When he’s so done with the long overdue MCO period

Honestly, SAME!

21. When a netizen poked fun at his smelly armpits

Sources: Aeril Zafrel ‘s Twitter and Instagram.

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