In case you missed it, Muar Member of Parliamaent, Syed Saddiq, recently declared that he will shave his head and go bald if he manages to raise RM200,000 for 100 laptops in five days starting 26th December (Saturday).

Syed Saddiq’s post also managed to catch Tunku Mahkota Johor (TMJ) Tunku Ismail Idris’ attention. The Crown Prince of Johor contributed a generous amount of RM300k to the people of Muar. However, there seems to be some kind of a “bad blood” between the two public figures, as seen in the latter’s Instagram Stories updates.

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TMJ addressed his contribution with the statement, “There’s no need to steal the rakyat’s money while you are still having an ongoing case with SPRM. There’s no need to lie, there’s no need to act and there’s no need to go bald,” seemingly throwing shade at the former Youth and Sports Minister’s effort.


He further added by urging Syed Saddiq to stop using the people of Muar for his own personal interests. “The difference between you and me is, you are only talk from the beginning. I ACT. I accomplished what you failed to do in 22 months, in 2 months,” TMJ wrote in another social media update.

Source: IG Story

In response, Syed Saddiq later uploaded a video on his Twitter account, apologising to Tunku Ismail and also thanking him for his generous donation. He also pointed out on how he, along with the rest of the people of Muar, felt indebted to him.

The young politician said, “As a normal human being, I do make mistakes occasionally. I take this opportunity to apologise, if I’ve offended your Highness and the rest of your family. As a Johor-born who was raised and schooled here, my whole family and I are extremely indebted to Tunku and family as the rulers of Johor. May Allah always bless you and your family, Tunku.”

“I thank Tunku Ismail for donating RM300,000 to the children of Muar. The people of Muar, along with me, are grateful to your Highness’ act of kindness,” Syed Saddiq added. “I believe, we must always do good and be competitive in performing good deeds. May God always bless and protect Tunku and family.”

Watch the clip here:

Source: AWANI.

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