Yoo Ah In (유아인) is ready to kick off the new year with a bang; and that is by giving up that cig life!

The Hallyu star took to his Instagram earlier today (Thursday, 24th December) to share his self-reflection on his past actions. He also accompanied the post with multiple of raunchy photos of himself.

“At first, it was all for show back then,” the “#Alive” actor recalled. “It tickled, then it started to feel good. And then, I felt like I could breathe better. I couldn’t live without ciggies for about 17 years. It stinks, but I’ll probably miss it, huh? That stench of cigarette in my hair that night. /spitting/. I’m quitting. Cough cough. Bye cigarettes. Next year, I’m gonna quit smoking and exercise more diligently. I’m gonna be healthy. I’m gonna save myself by taking care of my health. The first grand decision born out of a life filled with cigarette smoke!”

He further added, “Please congratulate me. I’ll move better with a healthier body. And I’ll rest better and breathe better. But where y’all at? I need to get back the fun of Instagram! If it stays boring like this I’m gonna switch to using TikTok. But how does TikTok even work? I don’t know, I’ll figure that out. This is easier, though. Merry Christmas, everyone! Wishing you guys a blessed new year. All of the crimes I’ve committed in the past, provoking others to start smoking through my past photos and for exposing my neighbours to cigarette smoke, I will make it up to them. Let us all live a long life, and I mean it.”

“If you ever see me smoking, please lodge a report here. My drawers are coming off. Chirp (sound of a bird). And those of you who made fun of me, saying Yoo Ah In is a pig now, if you come forward, I’ll buy you a grilled pork belly. Oink oink,” he concluded his lengthy caption.

Source: Twitter

We wish Ah In all the best as he embarks on his new journey for the better! May 2020 bring good luck to his career as well as his life. 😉

Source: AllKpop.

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