Johor-born Illi Najwa Saddique has become the talk of the town after the news about her marriage with Indian hockey star Manpreet Singh Panwar made headlines recently.

Apparently, the issue also caught the attention of Johor Sultan, Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar. His Royal Highness released a statement earlier today (Monday, 21st December) to share some thoughts on the recent controversy.

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In the post, Sultan Ibrahim advised the public to avoid making any conclusions and premature actions in regards to the news. He also said that while she did not declare her intention to leave Islam, it seems unfair that the woman has been harshly judged on social media.


His Royal Highness stated, “If we are hasty in our decision to pass judgment on her, we will be seen as building a ‘tall wall’ for her to return to Malaysia. This will create a barrier for her family in Malaysia as well as herself in India.”

Sultan Ibrahim also advised Illi to take into account the blessings of her parents and also not to violate Islamic norms in making a decision. “I am confident that the Johor Islamic Religious Department and the Johor State Mufti Department will provide all necessary assistance to the lady in maintaining her faith within the Islamic law,” His Royal Highness wrote.


Apart from that, the Johor Sultan also said that the public needs to be more compassionate when coming across things that do not align with their moral/religious compass. His Royal Highness also stated that people need to exercise good behaviour instead of resorting to negativity the moment something seems not right.

“We need to make sure the news are from verified and correct sources. Islam is a religion that advises, not one that simply punishes its people,” Sultan Ibrahim wrote.

Feel free to read his full statement here:

Sources: MalaysiaKini, MMO.

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