If you’ve been keeping up with Tunku Mahkota Johor, Tunku Ismail Idris‘ life on his social media accounts, two things come to mind – style and class.

From luxury cars and private jets to designer watches, the Malaysian royalty’s opulent lifestyle is something many people wish to obtain, including entrepreneur Asyraf Khalid.

Source: Instagram

The step-son to Malaysian singing icon Siti Nurhaliza, who is also the husband to Indonesian celebrity Tya Ariffin, was spotted leaving a comment on one of TMJ’s Instagram posts. He wrote, “You’re such an inspiration to me. One day, I want to be like you, God willing.”


The former Football Association Malaysia (FAM) president gave a rather touching response to Asyraf’s sincere remark. He wrote, “Thank you, (but) all of these are temporary. By the grace of God.”

TMJ then added, “None of these items will follow me to the grave when my time comes. I see my wealth as a test from the Almighty. Whether I remember Allah or not, or do I still give alms and help the poor, and so on. What’s important is to remain grateful, and never forget to do good deeds. At the end of the day, money is just a piece of paper. Inner peace is the key to a happy life. Salam.”

Source: Murai

Were you guys touched by TMJ’s self-effacing demeanor?

Source: Murai.

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