Afternoon tea is the ideal setting to chat, sip and indulge with loved ones. And that’s exactly what we did when enjoying the New Yorker Afternoon Tea at The Starhill Dining‘s sparkling new bar & lounge – The Alchemy.

The Alchemy takes a traditional culinary experience and transforms it into a modern rendition that can be best described as strong and bold. Built with shades of dark colours, this high tea setup showcases a visually inviting twist that’s ironically intriguing. And it’s not just about the looks at The Alchemy either, because the taste of the food was simply delicious.


And after indulging in the sandwiches, savouries, scones and desserts made perfectly to go with a choice of tea or coffee, here’s our take on what we thought about the three-tiered New Yorker Afternoon Tea at The Alchemy:

  • Sandwiches 

Without ever having to think twice, we could confirm with complete certainty that the mix of flavours in this first tier was our absolute favourite overall. With four different sandwiches featuring salt beef, home-smoked salmon, lobster, and walnut and fruit bread, these sandwiches leave you wanting more.

The Salt Beef Sandwich made with Reuben and Sauerkraut was tangy and light, while the Lemon Brioche was generously topped with the Big Apple-Style Crispy Whitebait Lobster. The lobster meat was so mouth-wateringly chunky and creamy, it tasted like some of the best meat found in the ocean. The Walnut and Fruit Bread with Brie and Lingonberry Compote was slightly too rich in flavour, while the Upstate Bagel with Home-Smoked Salmon and Paprika Cream Cheese was the star of them all that we could not get enough of!

  • Savouries

The Alchemy

The savouries came in a tray of Devilled Eggs, Goat Cheese Gateaux, and a Chicken and Leek Pithivier. The best out of these three were the Devilled Eggs, as it maintained that classic taste and structure, while being elevated with an extra punch brought by the use of chives and dill pickle relish.

On the other hand, the Chicken and Leek Pithivier lacked that extra oomph as the flavours tasted rather ordinary. The Goat Cheese Gateaux was creamy with a refreshing crunch brought by the pistachio crumble on top. However, it must be noted that goat cheese generally has a strong and distinct flavour that is typically enjoyed most by those with an acquired taste.

  • Dessert


From the selection of dessert items presented, the tarts were the absolute highlight. One of these tarts was the Devilled Mont Blanc with a Chestnut Purée and Huckleberry Compote. The chestnut purée that swirled on top of this tart was simply divine; It was the perfect gastronomic combination of creamy, soft and sweet elements. The Seasonal Fruit Tart with Expresso Ganache and Mocha Coulis looked and tasted like a tutti frutti concoction that was vibrantly fresh and citrusy.

The desserts also showcased a Hibiscus-Pineapple Croquette filled with Vanilla Créme that goes splendidly with a hot tea or coffee. The best little sweet treat from all the desserts was the Maple Pecan Cheesecake that came with a crunchy surprise, thanks to the pecan propped perfectly on top of this deliciously creamy goodness. The desserts were all in all delicious and truly added an extra edge to the Afternoon Tea experience.

  • Scones

The topmost tier showed off a Cranberry and Buttermilk Scone and a Luxury Butter Scone accompanied by a Devonshire Clotted Cream and Meyer Lemon Curd. Staying true to The New Yorker Afternoon Tea heritage, this variation of the American scone maintained the classic crumbly and sweet elements.

We must also admit that the Devonshire Clotted Cream and Meyer Lemon Curd were so good that we nearly ate all of it on its own without leaving any for the scones! The lemon curd was excitingly citrusy while the clotted cream was soft, moist and inviting. They were the perfect match to bring the dry and heavy scones to life. These baked goods were exactly what we needed to end our tea party with a traditional touch.

While an Afternoon Tea can be enjoyed at various spots ranging from kopitiams to even your own home, we guarantee that The New Yorker Afternoon Tea at The Alchemy is unlike any other. It transports you to the world of the Big Apple, as it creates a sense of grandeur, elegance and heritage with both its menu and ambience.

The New Yorker Afternoon Tea travels from the heart of Kuala Lumpur, to the heart of New York, to finally, our very own hearts. Held on Saturday and Sundays from 3 – 6pm for RM160 for two, this New Yorker Afternoon Tea experience is definitely one worthy of being a weekend treat for you.

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