The Starhill, located in the center of Bukit Bintang, is currently undergoing renovations as we speak and it’s almost completed.

The mall will be the anchor to the city’s most riveting dining & entertainment hotspot, The Starhill Dining, which is coming next month (December 2020).

The Starhill Dining


Located on the lower ground floor, The Starhill Dining will feature culinary sophistication at its most elegant with a diverse spread of gastronomic creations. The space will bring diners a fresh, seasonal and globally inspired dining experience served by the Tastemakers, each with a unique food programming.

Lead designer Zaidan Tahir, who is well-know for his au courant, clean approach, will be at the forefront of the space’s stylish redesign. Zaidan’s aesthetics combined with his vision for the space will see a fusion of fashion, entertainment and gastronomy – all under one roof.

The Starhill Dining

The Starhill Dining’s collection of captivating dining and entertainment concepts includes Shook!, KL’s choice restaurant that continues to fuel the imagination; Luk Yu Tea House that embraces a poetic Chinese heritage; The Alchemy bar featuring gin botanicals for every season; the popular Jogoya restaurant; fine Arabic cuisine at Tarbush Lounge and much more.

Be sure to make your way to The Starhill Dining if you want to take your tastebuds to the next level, once the mall reopens in 2021!

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