Kim Seon-ho’s “Start-Up” (스타트업) character Han Ji-pyeong gave viewers such intense second lead syndrome that it has been dubbed “Kim Seon-ho Syndrome.”

Thankfully, there’s more of Kim Seon-ho to enjoy through this exclusive interview where we get to learn more about the actor. Also, check out some reasons why we already miss Han Ji-pyeong below!

1. He’s basically a knight in shining armour

Han Ji-pyeong


Han Ji-pyeong feels indebted to Dal-mi’s grandmother and seeks to repay her kindness. He finds an opportunity to repay her when she wants to help Dal-mi find her first love and penpal. Ji-pyeong starts out fulfilling this request, but finds himself constantly coming to the rescue and helping Dal-mi and Do-san. He’s always there to protect her however he can.

2. He can be adorably petty and jealous

Not being accustomed to liking someone, Ji-pyeong doesn’t realise his feelings for Dal-mi and initially denies them. However, his affection for her becomes apparent as he realises he’s jealous of Do-san. He’s just too cute when he notices Dal-mi give Do-san a larger piece of fish.

3. He gives good advice and tells it like it is

Han Ji-pyeong

Ji-pyeong is very candid and doesn’t mince words. While others might be reluctant to give criticism, the savvy investor understands that blunt honesty is necessary for fledgling start-ups. While it was hard for Do-san to hear critiques coming from Ji-pyeong, Do-san realised Ji-pyeong was right and he only said those words to help them.

4. He owns up to his mistakes

Han Ji-pyeong
Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Although he never says harsh words with malicious intent, sometimes people do get hurt by them. When Yong-san accuses Ji-pyeong of killing his brother with his words, Ji-pyeong feels guilty and even becomes physically ill.

Also, when he made a comment to intentionally make Do-san feel jealous, Ji-pyeong immediately called Dal-mi to tell her the truth. A truly decent guy, Ji-pyeong apologises for his actions and doesn’t seek to hurt people.

5. He’s a good boy

Dal-mi’s grandmother clearly has a good eye! Underneath his cool exterior, Ji-pyeong is a good boy then and now. Even though he outwardly complains, he always does as grandma says. While he was initially reluctant to be Dal-mi’s pen pal, he started to enjoy the exchange and was comforted through her letters. Even though he has a luxury apartment and fancy belongings, all he really wants is a family.

Check out the fun interview and fall further in love with Kim Seon-ho and Han Ji-pyeong!

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