BLACKPINK (블랙핑크) members Lisa and Rosé are known to have a very close friendship bond even prior to debuting in the groundbreaking K-pop girl group.

Interestingly, the Thai starlet also dished in a recent interview with Penshoppe that the greatest gift she has ever received was a pair of underwear given by her best buddy for Christmas!

Source: YouTube

After she was asked about that, Lisa remarked, “Oh, that’s a really hard one!” before the MC assisted by asking her whether there’s anything that was rather memorable. After a brief pause, she responded, “There’s a gift from Rosie (Rosé). It was like (during) trainee days. She got me like an underwear!”


Lisa further recalled that she was utterly shocked upon receiving the gift, confirming that she got “some real underwear”. “I was like ‘Bro, what is this?’ And she was just like, ‘Oh you know, it looked cute and it looked sexy, and it’s fun to give as a gift’. So I think it was the best gift, because I felt like “This is cute…but it’s strange that you got me this.”

Now that, ladies and gentlemen, are real friendship goals! For those interested, check out the full interview here:

Source: Koreaboo.

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