BLACKPINK member Rosé (로제)’s D-3 poster for her group’s upcoming comeback single “Ice Cream” has been drawing immense attention among K-pop fans recently.

This happened after one K-pop fan took to an online community forum to share that she “searched the outfits worn in the posters”. In the post, she talked about the clothes worn by Jisoo and Jennie, before the spotlight went to Rosé’s outfit.

Source: Kpopmap
Source: Zapzee

In her teaser image, Rosé is pictured wearing a plaid shirt to match her similar-patterned bottom. She complimented her girl-next-door look with a cream-coloured bandeau beneath the top.


Much to everyone’s surprise, it was revealed that the skirt worn by the 23-year-old singer was originally made as a top. In this case, most of them commented on Rosé’s tiny waist size, seemingly amused by the discovery.

Check out some of the highlighted comments left by netizens:

  • “Wow, how thin do you have to be to wear that as a skirt?”
  • “I mean, (the top) is tiny at first glance, and Rose wears that as a bottom?”
  • “Can’t believe that was originally a top.”
  • “She’s like a Barbie doll.”
Source: YG Entertainment

In related news, BLACKPINK’s agency, YG Entertainment, has confirmed today (Wednesday, 26th August) that Selena Gomez will also appear in the music video for “Ice Cream”.

The good news came along with a surprise D-2 poster for the single featuring the megastar.

Sources: Zapzee (1)(2).

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