Last week, Modanisa officially launched its website and app-based platform in Malaysia. This also marked the Turkish international brand’s first foray in Southeast Asia.

Since its 2011 launch, Modanisa has set its eyes on becoming the world’s leading dedicated online modest fashion powerhouse that caters to women’s desire to wear fitting everyday clothes. For the uninitiated, here are 6 fun facts about Modanisa:

1. Modanisa covers these 7 categories


As Turkey’s first international online shopping platform and pioneer in modest fashion, customers have access to 850 labels and over 75,000 products ranging from these 7 categories:

  1. General women’s clothing
  2. Evening wear
  3. Hijabs (scarfs, bonnets)
  4. Sportswear (tracksuits, sweat suits, leggings)
  5. Swimwear
  6. Plus-size clothing
  7. Cosmetics’s label is a combination of newcomers to the industry as well as reputable brands such as TUVA, BENIN, REFKA, TAVIN, Everyday Basic, Luvic and plus-size label ALIA.

2. Available in 6 languages

Although was born in Istanbul, the fashion brand has been making waves across 140 countries and is available in 6 languages: Turkish, Arabic, English, French, Bahasa Indonesia, and German. Thanks to its global clientele, Modanisa has been able to adapt to the diversity and preferences of its customers.

3. Why Malaysia?

Based on the Digital 2019 Malaysia Report, CEO Kerim Türe shared that 80% of Malaysian users aged between 16 and 64 have embraced the culture of online shopping. Deputy Chairman of MÜSİAD Malaysia, Mustafa Aydemir, also added that modest fashion “enables Muslim women to express their religious identity, while having fun with the outfits they wear. Furthermore, it is noted that Malaysia is poised to have a growing modest fashion market since the country’s 61.3% Muslim population does not shy away from spending big when it comes to purchasing fashion products.”

4. Modanisa joins forces with KLFW

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Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week founder Andrew Tan on featuring their fashion show on a virtual platform.

Fashion is a matter of interest and if people quickly lose interest the industry will eventually cease to exist. It is crucial for the fashion industry to sustain consumer interest in fashion, and remind people how fashion has the power to enhance one’s personal confidence, ignite dreams, exude joy and stir the imagination of every individual. While we are living in challenging times, but it is important we keep people engaged with the fashion industry,” he said.

5. Kerim Türe was listed as one of the “Top 50 Leaders of Islamic Economy”

Interestingly, Türe was the only name chosen in the “modest fashion” category by ISLAMICA 500 for the “Top 50 Leaders of Islamic Economy” in the 2020 Global Islamic Economy report.

6. An award-winning brand took home the coveted Islamic Arts category award under the Islamic Economic Awards based in Dubai and the International Business Excellence Award under the category of “E-commerce and Digital Experience” in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Pretty impressive huh? In conjunction with the new launch in KL, we’d like to reward 4 loyal readers from Hype with USD$50 (approx. RM210) worth of Modanisa products each.

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