Hey folks, so we’ve notice many of you have been getting disqualified for your wrong entries when entering Hype Malaysia’s contest.

So we’ve decided to write a step-by-step guide on doing it the right way. This year alone, we’ve collaborated with our awesome media friends to give free concert tickets, movie tickets, theme park passes, merchandise, holiday vacation, and more. It’s only going to get better!


1. Like Hype Malaysia’s Facebook, follow us on Instagram @hypemy and twitter @HypeMY. (It’s alright if you honestly don’t have a Twitter account.)

2. The more likes and shares you get on your Facebook and Twitter contest posts, the higher the chance we’ll pick you. So get your friends to help you out 😉

3. Your contest post has to be made public.

4. Private message us the share link. An example of a share link looks like this:

So how do you get a Facebook share link?

5. Click on the date of YOUR OWN Facebook contest post.

6. It will direct you to a separate page of only your own post.


7. The highlighted link on your browser is your share link. Copy and paste it to us when you DM us.

Hype Malaysia

8. In your DM, remember to send us the links to your personal Twitter and Instagram accounts too. That will help us verify if you’ve followed the terms and conditions.

Good luck 😉

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