Lately, we’ve noticed a number of people hiring interior designers to help them refurbish their home, to make it look more “aesthetically” pleasing.

However, actress Hanis Zalikha recently got lectured by a fellow interior designer after she decorated one of her clients’ ceiling with a wallpaper.

Hanis Zalikha
Source: Instagram

The issue came to light when the 30-year-old local star took it to her Instagram to share her interior deco work on a client’s bathroom. Even though the decoration she did was praised by tons of other celebrities and netizens, that wasn’t the case with an Instagram user, @eqienura, who didn’t agree with Hanis’ decision to place a mural on her client’s ceiling.


The user (a.k.a Eqienura), who had previously worked on the show unit for the same house, took her time to post a long comment on the dangers of using wallpaper on the house’s bathroom ceiling.

She explained, “Hopefully that’s not a wallpaper on the ceiling, if yes, good luck sis. A certified ID (interior designer) will crack their head to solve site issues, structure and mechanical issues first and ID comes later, and deco comes last.”

Hanis Zalikha
Source: Vocket

In the comment, the fellow ID encouraged everyone against spending money on placing wallpaper on any kinds of ceiling. She mentioned that there’s no use in making it look pretty since ceilings are prone to being swollen or bubbled over time, causing the wallpaper to crack. She added that, “all kinds of fungus and bacteria will be trapped in the ceiling, creating moulds which will be very harmful and toxic for your health!”

After her comment was deleted by the actress, Eqienura proceeded to take it to her Facebook, to explain why the wallpaper used on the toilet’s plaster ceiling triggered her. She asserted that the wallpaper would cause a lot of problems on a wet and humid enclosed area, especially since she had an experience designing the show unit for the house back in 2012.

According to her Facebook post, Hanis privately messaged her on Instagram saying that she never claimed to be a designer and even put the hashtag #decorkeknis in an attempt to avoid confusing her followers.

However, Eqienura said in her post, “If she has passion in beautiful things or even in ID, please attend intensive courses so you’ll have the knowledge to design your own house. Not by taking photos from Pinterest and showing it to contractors (while) hoping for the same result.”

As the saying goes, “all criticisms should be taken professionally, not personally“.

Sources: Vocket, Hanis Zalikha’s Instagram, Eqienura’s Facebook.

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