Malaysian singer Aishah was trending all over Twitter after she covered Siti Nurhaliza‘s “Aku Bidadari Syurgamu” during the semi finals of “Muzik-Muzik 35” last week.

Although many people, including Siti herself, enjoyed her performance, some netizens argued that Aishah failed to bring justice to the song, while others pointed out that the ballad doesn’t suit the songstress’ vocal range.

Source: @muzikmuzik_official page

The “Cinta Beralih Arah” singer then took to her Instagram recently to pour out her frustration when addressing the negative feedback she received from the performance. Not only that, she even broke down in tears after reading some of the offensive comments left by the internet trolls!


“Life is quite challenging because we are facing the virtual world generation who feel that they’re immune behind their social media accounts and can simply curse and insult anyone. They’ve lost all their politeness and manners in this world,” the “Gegar Vaganza” winner expressed.

Source: @aishahjmm

She added, “Unfortunately, the comments that I received were meant to bring down someone’s dignity. I’m fine if you want to criticise my singing. Even though I’ve been in the industry for 34 years, the learning process is still ongoing. I’m willing to learn and am open to constructive criticism. But I just don’t get the cussing of words.”

“Our parents have taught us to be civilised and be respectful of people who are older. However, this doesn’t seem to apply to those in the cyberspace. I could not stop crying since yesterday,” Aishah concluded her caption.

Check out her lengthy Instagram post here:

Source: @aishahjmm

For those interested, watch her full rendition of “Aku Bidadari Syurgamu” here:

Don’t worry, Aishah. Some of us believe that you’ve done your very best in delivering the song.

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