Rumour has it that renowned singer, Datuk Sri Siti Nurhaliza, could be pregnant with her second child based on a recent photo posted on social media.

The speculation started when an account on Twitter posted a snapshot of the Malaysian songstress and suggested it to be a baby bump. The account went on to speculate that Siti had probably refused to be a judge on a reality show due to her pregnancy.

Source: Murai

However, the tweet has been deleted by the account owner but that didn’t stop other users from questioning the rumour mill. One example is Twitter account @CT_Voter, an unofficial Siti fan account, asking if the 41-year-old singer is expecting another baby.


One of the fans expressed that he noticed that she hasn’t been cycling lately as well. The singer, whose hobbies include cycling, has not taken part in any related activities recently, which led to the speculation by netizens.

Earlier in February, local media reported that the “7 Nasihat” singer safely went through a surgery as a preparation for pregnancy. It was reported that the procedure is required because she is going for an in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment like she did previously.

Source: Murai

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