Don’t come for Aishah, cause she’s not going to lay quietly while being verbally abused.

The 54-year-old singer, whose full name is Wan Aishah binti Wan Ariffin, saw herself at the receiving end of derogatory slurs earlier today (Tuesday, 24th September).

Source: Instagram

This came after she reposted Instagram stories from fans who complemented her performance at the recent Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 32 (ABPBH32). As a result, the veteran performer got called an “old Sakai who uses Instagram”.


According to Google, Sakai is word from Bahasa Baku often used in Sabah and Sumatra. There are also those who use it as a slur to call downgrade another individual. Unfortunately for the Instagram user, Aishah didn’t take too kindly of soneone making fun of her age.

Just by sharing comments from fans I get called ‘an old Sakai using Instagram.’ Don’t you have anything else to do?” the “Janji Manis Mu” singer asked, before issuing a challenge. “If you dare, come say this to my face. Unfortunately, you’re the one with an ugly heart.”

The Malaysian songstress also commented that Internet trolls like that person should be reported. Instead of spreading hate, she reckoned that he should “get a life”. Following the incident, a number of her followers have reported the person on Instagram.

Here is the person’s response:

The person has since been blocked by Aishah.

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