Datin Shahida has finally spoken!

The wife of popular celebrity entrepreneur, Dato’ Aliff Syukri is opening up about the long overdue feud between the couple and their former personal assistant, Melati Abdul Ghani (a.k.a Kak Mel), through a series of lengthy statements posted on her Instagram.

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In one of the shocking posts, Shahida revealed that Kak Mel had used offensive words against her and her family members in the past. According to Shahida, “Alhamdulillah, I can still refer to her as Kak Mel, because I cherish all her good service to my family. But she insulted me and my family by calling us ‘Si Bodoh’ (stupid), ‘Ustazah Jadian’ (ustazah wannabe), ‘Betina’ (slut), among others.”


Having said that, Shahida clarified that the posts were not meant to put Kak Mel on blast. Instead, she just wanted to shed some light on the real situation in order to prevent her family from being looked down upon by the public.

She explained, “I wrote this not to embarrass Kak Mel. She did a very good job in taking care of our children as well as our family. Hopefully, netizens can stop the assumptions and negativity in the comments section. I just want to explain the situation so that people will not continue to think badly of us.”

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“When we remained silent, people assumed we are in the wrong. And when we speak up, people say we’re fighting back. For goodness sake, I just want to clear the air on this matter. I was surprised after knowing that Kak Mel had twisted the real situation just to go viral,” Shahida further added.

The former nasheed songbird continued, “If you want to go viral, do not create a false story. I dare to come up with this post because I have all the evidence. Before you quit your job, we never treated you badly. Please Kak Mel, do not bring up things that never happened.”

For those interested, feel free to read her full statements here:


Are you satisfied with Shahida’s clarification?

Update (18th November 2020):

Kak Mel has denied allegations about insulting Shahida and her family previously. She also added that she won’t provide any more explanation on the issue, as she’s currently busy with her business.

Sources: Gempak, BeautifulNara.

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