Dato’ Aliff Syukri recently shocked his fans with a throwback photo of himself on his Instagram page.

“Came across an old picture, back when I used my Friendster and MySpace apps with the glamorous name, Putra Aqashi133. I was 16 at that time and I was staying at Monterez Golf & Country Club in Subang,” shared the entrepreneur.

Source: Instagram

The one thing that drew immense attention from netizens was the difference of his nose shape. In this case, a lot of them pointed out that the controversial figure underwent plastic surgery to enhance his facial features!


Upon realising the massive amount of reactions left on the post, Aliff expressed that he’s getting tired of answering the same question repeatedly. I’m sick of addressing the same thing. People tend to focus on my faults. I’m not sure why, though,” he added.

Aliff Syukri
Source: Instagram

Refusing to stay mum after a keyboard warrior insulted his face and claimed that he got a nose job, Aliff responded, “Okay, your face is prettier and far more perfect. That’s why you’re not included in this pic”, snapping back at the internet troll.

Despite all the hate comments, a few followers of the “Bobo Di Mana” singer also came forth to defend him. In this case, Instagram user, @iamykaa08, clarified that Aliff had an accident in the past. “He suffered a serious injury on his face and had to undergo a surgery,” the netizen also shared.

Check out some of the comments below:

Source: IG via myartisdotcom

Do you think Aliff Syukri got a nose job? Share with us your thoughts.

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