K-pop fans have been trending the hashtag #BoycottSM (boycott SM Entertainment) on Twitter since last night (Tuesday, 10th November). What’s the tea, you asked?

Apparently, K-pop fans got behind the movement after venting out their dissatisfaction towards the famed entertainment company for several reasons. Check out the tweet below:

Scrolling through the hashtag, fans aren’t happy with the company’s uneven distribution of profits. In this case, they discovered that SM reportedly receives 95% of the profit from the roster’s physical album’s sales, while the promoting groups or artistes only gets a mere 5%, which is quite different as compared to K-pop groups from other major music labels.

Others also argued that the company rarely sends active groups – namely EXO and Red Velvet – to promote overseas. This relates to the fact that the groups will receive 70% of the profits while SM only gets 30%. To quote a Twitter user, SM only offers their artistes the “bare minimum”.

For those curious, feel free to check out the list below:

Source: Twitter

Another issue that has sparked a major outcry among hardcore fans of the idols under the company is in regards to SM’s upcoming girl group Aespa. In case you missed it, the company’s launch of its first ever all-female ensemble since 2014 has been stealing the spotlight with their virtual (artificial intelligence/ AI) concept.

Most recently, SM took to Twitter to announce a potential collaboration project between them and renowned Chinese IT company, iFlytek. Netizens were dismayed by the news though, with most of them urging the former to drop the plan. They claimed that iFlytek aids genocide and is allegedly involved with the oppression of the Muslim community in China.

What are your thoughts on this?

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