SM Entertainment’s upcoming girl group is coming sooner than expected!

Known as Aespa (stylised as aespa, 에스파), the agency explained that the group name is taken from the phrase “Avatar X Experience” and combines it into “æ” while the ending of the name comes from the word “aspect”. The name symbolises one’s other self meeting with an avatar, while experiencing a new world along the way.

Ever since the news broke out earlier today (Monday, 26th October), a lot of fans have been buzzing about the members who will join the upcoming new girl group. It is noted that many promising trainees under SM’s pre-debut project SM Rookies, namely Herin, Yiyang, Koeun, Lami, and Hina, had either exited or hinted at their departure from the company.

Having said that, get to know the only three confirmed and notable female trainees left at SM Entertainment, who are also expected to be a part of Aespa. Check it out below:

1. Yoo Jimin (윤지민)

Source: Twitter
  • Birthday: 11th April 2000 (Age 20)

She joined the company as a trainee sometime in 2016 or 2017. Prior to this, she went viral for her stunning features. Jimin also served as a back-up dancer to SHINee’s Taemin during his performance for his song “Want” last year. Many fans have been speculating that she will be part of the group’s dancers if she debuts.

2. Helen (Lee Hyejin, 이혜진)

Source: Twitter
  • Birth date: November/December 2003 (Age 17)

Helen, was born in South Korea, but moved to Brisbane, Australia at the age of four. She later returned to Seoul to pursue her dreams of becoming a K-pop idol. She then went on to train at SL Studio Academy, before auditioning for SM Entertainment.

She eventually joined the company in December 2019. Helen showed off her dancing skills in Pocket TV’s YouTube video titled “How to Pass a K-Pop Audition Part 2” three months earlier. After watching the clip below, we won’t be surprised if she debuts in SM Entertainment’s new girl group.

3. Ning Yizhuo (Ningning)

Source: Twitter
  • Birth date: 23rd October 2002 (Age 18)

She took part in Zhejiang TV‘s programme called “Let’s Sing Kids” before joining SM in 2016. Born in the city of Harbin, China, she’s the only known non-Korean trainee currently at the company. Ningning is expected to be in charge as the group’s main vocalist if she makes her debut.

Heads up guys! Aespa will make their official debut sometime next month.

Source: Koreaboo (1)(2).

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