Datuk Adi Putra recently took to his Instagram account to vent out his frustration after learning that he was dropped out of a drama project because he requested for a higher fee.

The Singapore-born heartthrob has his own reasons for his demands though. The 39-year-old actor clarified that he wants to use the money to help those in need. He posted a statement on his social media to shed some light on the matter.

Adi Putra
Source: Instagram

“I got offered to star in a drama series. I requested a (reasonably) high pay for my salary, to which the production house did not agree on. They claimed that I was too demanding. Why did I do that? It’s because my intention was to help the less fortunate with my income,” the “KL Gangster” actor wrote on his Instagram.


Adi further added that he did not blame the production house. However, he still stands by his salary demands, which he felt is equivalent to the quality of his acting. “The ‘rezeki’ (sustenance) is not for me, but for the people out there. I don’t take any payment, it is for those in need,” he explained, before concluding, “For those who have left negative comments previously, educate yourselves. May Allah bless you.”

Adi’s pure intention has been praised by many netizens. Most of them agreed that he deserves a high pay, considering his current position as an experienced actor. Some netizens, however, felt that it was “entitled” of him and this wasn’t a good enough reason.

Feel free to check out what they said here:

Source: Instagram

Having said that, Adi did not disclose the salary range he was demanding.

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