Guess who is making a comeback next month? Earlier today (Friday, 6th November) Lee Seung Gi (이승기) confirmed that he is currently gearing up for his return in the K-pop scene!

After 5 years of focusing only on K-dramas and variety shows, the versatile entertainer delighted K-fans across the globe when he announced that he will be releasing his 7th studio album this December.

Here’s what we know about his upcoming comeback so far:


1. What prompted Lee Seung Gi’s music comeback

Source: SBS

According to his agency, Hook Entertainment, Seung Gi decided to make his comeback as a singer following the immense amount of positive feedback he’d received for his cover of Kim Kyung Ho’s hit song titled “Forbidden Love” on the SBS variety show “Master in the House”.

Check out the splendid performance below:

2. Official statement from Hook Entertainment regarding his comeback

Source: Instagram

“After worrying about how to respond to his fans’ passionate love and support for his performance of ‘Forbidden Love’, Lee Seung Gi ultimately decided to make his return as a singer. He’s determined to live up to his fans’ wishes and return with even higher-quality music. Please cheer on Lee Seung Gi, who is currently nervous and excited for his first comeback in a long time as a singer,” the entertainment company stated.

3. He is set to launch his pre-release single this month

Source: Twitter

Lee Seung Gi is scheduled to drop a pre-release single on 15th November, titled “Cliche Man”. The emotional ballad number is composed and written by Yoon Jong Shin. Interestingly, this marks the “Vagabond” actor’s first ever project together with the renowned singer-producer!

4. Details on his forthcoming 7th LP

Source: AllKpop

As mentioned earlier, the forthcoming studio album will be the Korean hunk’s first new music project in five years. To quote Korean news portal Zapzee, “Lee Seung Gi’s 7th full-length album will feature top producers from Korea and offer new music and concepts that he has never done before”.

To refresh everyone’s memory, his last full-length album, “And…” debuted back in June 2015, while his most recent music release was the song “Meet Someone Like Me”, released in March 2016 following his military enlistment.

Source: Zapzee

AIRENs, are y’all excited for Lee Seung Gi’s comeback as a singer? We know we are!😍


Sources: Kimchi Daily, Soompi, Zapzee.

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