Awal Ashaari previously exposed the name of an interior design company whose decoration works on his house that should’ve been done remained unfinished, despite already paying them.

The local company, known as Naz Carpentry, finally spoke out against the issue, with its founder claiming that Awal’s accusations were false and untrue.

Source: Berita Harian

Media outlets previously reported that the 39-year-old actor and TV host uploaded various Instagram stories ranting about Naz Carpentry, which had allegedly tarnished the interior design company’s reputation along with its owner. The company’s founder, Azrianna Alyssa, stated that the accusations made by Awal Ashaari were untrue, and his postings on Instagram were false and defamatory.


According to Azrianna, the negative publicity is a serious threat to her and could leave a permanent damage to the company’s reputation as well as affect its business and market value. She explained that they had declined media’s inquiries before as they were mindful of what to say to the public.

Source: Hot FM

She added, “Following the reputational damage caused by Awal Ashaari’s social media postings and news reports on this matter, it is critical that we quickly address these
perceptions to support Naz Carpentry’s economic recovery. I know that we are now
in good hands.”

Naz Carpentry reportedly assembled its crisis response team last month by hiring the crisis communications firm, Saiful Ridzuan Public Relations and Communications (Saiful Ridzuan). Azrianna said, “I am confident that Saiful Ridzuan’s expertise and experience in handling similar cases makes the firm the right fit to effectively communicate to the media, clients,
and other relevant stakeholders on behalf of Naz Carpentry.”

Source: Malay Mail

Reported by Hot FM previously, Awal expressed his dissatisfaction with the company after the decoration works at his house were unfinished and he felt cheated by the owner as he already paid them. The TV host could face massive potential damages if Naz Carpentry’s legal team prove the postings were indeed false and slanderous.

As always, there are two sides to a coin. Let’s not point any fingers until the truth unveils itself.

Update (6th November 2020):

TV Host Awal Ashaari has countered the allegations that he created false rumour about Naz Carpentry via his Instagram, @awalashaari.

The 39-year-old actor asserted that he has all the evidence to show that the interior design company and its owner didn’t cooperate well.

Source: Instagram

I’ve got all your quotations, payment details, emails and WhatsApp conversations, and I also have the evidence to show that you people just do enough to get by at your job. You took my money, do the bare minimum, and now you wan’t to play victim? Wrong person (to mess with) bro,” stated Awal in his IG story.

He added, “I challenge you (the owner), to come meet me face-to-face just like the time you asked for hundred thousands of my money impatiently.” The actor went on to say that he won’t waste his time to defame the company if the owner came in contact with him previously.

Update (17th November 2020):

Following Awal’s statement earlier this month, interior design and furniture company Naz Carpentry is now suing for RM3 million for defamation. The lawsuit was filed at the Kuala Lumpur High Court last Friday through legal firm Hafarizam Wan & Aisha Mubara, Advocates and Solicitors.

Naz Carpentry had issued a notice of demand on 13th and 19th October but did not received any response from Awal’s lawyer. This prompted the company to proceed with the lawsuit.

Source: Hot FM

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