A male Twitter user came under fire recently for coming up with a malicious post targeted towards Neelofa.

In the controversial tweet, the netizen argued on how “girls actually have their time limit”. He also dished his thoughts on the business mogul, who has chosen a younger man, PU Riz, as her life partner.

Source: Twitter via Murai

The social media user, known as Irfan Azlan (@irfanazln) wrote, “So Neelofa, 31, allegedly got engaged to PU Riz, 25, who is 6 years younger than her. This is the proof that girls have their time limit.” Worse, he even alluded that no men will want women past their prime age. “That’s why moms out there often ask girls about marriage numerous times,” Irfan added in his tweet.


Irfan’s statement has in turn infuriated many local netizens for its sexist and judgmental remark. This also caught Malaysian politician and lawyer Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud’s attention, who took to Twitter to come to the former “MeleTOP” host’s defence.

“Her idea of Prince Charming isn’t yours. Her perfect time to marry, isn’t the same as your ‘alleged’ perfect timeline. But hers is better. Why? Because it’s her decision about her own life and that’s paramount. The one thing that isn’t doing well is your ‘lapuk’ (outdated) opinion,” Dyana tweeted, clapping back at the internet troll.

Source: Twitter via Murai

Presumably taken aback by the savage reply left by the MalayMail columnist, Irfan ended up deleting his Twitter account.

Source: Murai.

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