Neelofa‘s mother, Noor Kartini Noor Mohamed, took to her Instagram recently to recall the moment when the popular celebrity was born into the world.

In a touching social media update, Kartini shared that she felt something rather astonishing during her pregnancy.

Source: @noorkartini

“My daughter. When I was pregnant with you, I could feel something extraordinary. The nine months long journey was wonderful for me. You brought me so much happiness when you were born,” Kartini captioned the post.


The Young and Glow beauty product founder continued by writing, “You’re still a child in my eyes, whom I’ll never grow tired of caressing and kissing. You’re the love of my heart, @neelofa ❤️.” At the time of writing (Tuesday, 3rd November), the post had accumulated over 170k likes online!

Source: Instagram

The comments section has been flooded with positivity. Many praised Kartini for her efforts in successfully raising her children with tons of love. Others also congratulated her on the recent delightful news about Neelofa and her soon-to-be son-in-law, PU Riz.

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