The issue of residents disposing their garbage from upstairs is no stranger for those living in high-rise residential buildings, such as condos and apartments.

Recently, a tenant named Van J Edward shared an interesting story on his Facebook, detailing a “drama” involving two neighbours at his apartment unit over a discarded underwear.


The argument sparked when a resident sent a note, along with a discarded boxer briefs, to the neighbour who lives upstairs. The note reads, “Hi (tenant’s name), we ask for your kind consideration to stop dumping your garbage at us. Our house is not a garbage dump, so please be more civilised and be respectful towards others. We believe you have your own bin to dump your rubbish in.” 

Seemingly puzzled by the “package” and also the note received, the neighbour then replied by clarifying that the dumped undies was not his, as claimed by the sender. He also stressed that the underwear, which was left in his mailbox, wasn’t from his unit. “Hopefully  you can investigate first on where this ‘trash’ came from, instead of directly blaming our unit. Thank you,” he wrote on his social media account.

Source: FB

After learning about the whole situation, another occupant of the apartment came forth to apologise over the misunderstanding. It was revealed that the said underwear actually belongs to him!

He left a note on the tenant’s mailbox, explaining that he dried his Uniqlo briefs during the day before it accidentally “flew to another unit” due to the strong wind. He ended his note by offering the two neighbours free KFC dinner on him, much to the amusement of many netizens.

Source: FB

Moral of the story: Everything can be solved with (read: FREE) KFC meals!

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